Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nokia C3

Love socialising? you'll love the new Nokia C3. 
sesapa yang minat ala-ala pink gitu mesti suka..haha Nokia C3 yang pinky ni memang menarik!! 

before this,not everyone uses the same IM services so this time
Nokia C3 has Multi IM. 
In short, we can get all our buddies together!!
taknak cakap banyak so  now jom check it out here 
kenapa dan mengapa  ianya baguss sangat :)

Home Screen
Make it your own with personalised backgrounds, live Facebook and Twitter feeds, one-click connection to your top friends and dedicated widgets to manage all your phone's multimedia content.
Surf the web from anywhere over 2G or Wi-Fi. Browse, search, shop, share and connect with friends easily on-the-go.
A full keypad for lightning-fast typing, a dedicated shortcut to check messages, SMS organised by conversations, access to up to 10 e-mail accounts, instant messaging... your entire social universe is just a few keystrokes away!
The elegant design with premium metallic finish and large 2.4" display will make you the envy of all your friends.
Photos and Video
Record and share precious moments on photo and video with your best friends using the 2 megapixel camera and store it all on 55MB of internal memory or up to 8GB of expandable memory.
Tune in to your preferred radio stations no matter where you are, or store up to 8GB of your favourite tunes for non-stop music all day long.

this model not only pink color but also have black and gold


  1. yeahhh... model alternatif... rasanya untuk pecah monopoli BB....

  2. WHOAAA.... warna yang pink tue memang sungguh feminin..... ;-p

  3. will always go for black...heheheh



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